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Life on a Narrowboat and canals,  The Wall of Death including Tornado Smith & Ken Fox,  Pickering War Weekend and life at the circus inc Martin Lacey's big top.
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Life on a Narrowboat DVD

Ever wondered what life is like living on a narrowboat ?
The everyday life of Graham, Vera and Meg (their dog) living on Penny Peace a narrowboat on the canals.

In this programme I spent 6 days living with them as we travelled the Peak Forest and Macclesfield waterways, it includes the Bosley Locks and the Harecastle Tunnel.
A look at a very peacefull and different lifestyle away from the rat race of modern life.
Programme 120 minutes DVD. 

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Ken Fox Wall of Death DVD

The story of the Ken Fox Troupe begins in Skegness back in 1975 where Ken started his long career with the wall of death. In this programme Ken gives his own account of his life so far, we show how the wall is set up and moved from show to show, the riders & those death defying stunts performed in the worlds greatest show.

Programme 112 minutes DVD. 

Only £9.95 including postage  buy now

Tornado Smith Wall of Death DVD

The Tornado Smith Wall of Death.
In 2008 we celebrated 80 years of the wall  of death in Boxford the home town of George William Smith. Our DVD films the celebration weekend & looks at the life and legend of Tornado Smith. It includes interviews with Neil Calladine, Alan Ford & members of the Smith family. With film & photo archive from the 1930's we are
able to look back in time and see why Tornado Smith is remembered with such
affection as the British wall of death
Programme 68 minutes DVD. 

Only £9.95 including postage  buy now

The Pickering War Weekend DVD

Pickering War Weekend DVD
In October the town of Pickering is transformed as the clock is turned back to 1940 for a memorabilia war weekend. We bring you an insight into this wonderful and amazing journey back in time. Filmed and produced in the "1940's", (cine black and white) to add to the nostalgic feel of this fantastic video. With coverage on North Yorkshire Moors Railway ( NYMR) Pickering and Grosmont railway stations.

Programme 68 minutes. 

Only £9.95 including postage .

Spotlight on The Great British Circus DVD

This is the story of the 2007 season of Martin Lacey's Gt. British Big Top Circus, beginning in Lincoln in February and ending in South- East England during a foggy October. For nine months the documentary chronicles the progress of the group of dedicated performers, trainers and other staff whose idea of freedom and adventure is to run away with the circus. The producers had unrestricted access to all areas of the circus.

Programme 55 minutes DVD. 

Only £15.95 including postage .


Thrills & Skills, The Great British Circus DVD

Top of the bill in this latest visit to the exciting world of Martin Lacey's Gt. British big top Circus. With elephants, lions, tigers, horses and very rare white lions. Meet Yasmine Smart, a member of the famous Billy Smart family , as she teaches the Friesian horses the basics. Also features an exclusive visit to Circus Krone in Germany.

Programme 55 minutes.

Only £15.95 including postage .


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