In loving memory of Ryalla & Absy.

Sixteen years ago In 2005 I had the privilege to produce and film two documentaries about Ainlee Ryalla Duffy and her family in Lincolnshire as they went about their everyday Romany Gypsy life still living in wagons.
Sadly Ryalla died on 10th March 2021 aged 61 after a sudden illness, and her son Absolom (Absy) died in a car crash on 8th July aged only 21.

Some of her work below
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Born on the Straw DVD

Ainlee Ryalla Duffy was "born on the straw" over 40 years ago. In this programme we filmed Ainlee and her family still living the tradtional life of a traveller, and in harmony with mother nature.
Filmed over several weeks it shows a life very different to most !
Programme 120 minutes. 

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Ainlee Ryalla Looking Back DVD

Ainlee Ryalla - Looking Back.
Our follow on to "Born on the Straw". Ainlee takes a nostalgic look back at the past, her childhood, her family and how things have changed for the Romany - Gypsy folk. We look at how the land can provide all your nutritional, medicinal and living needs. A disappearing culture, perhaps doomed for extinction, Ainlee proudly clings on to her past.
Programme 125 minutes. 

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Pinnies & Pegs book

Gypsy Childhood by Ainlee Ryalla Duffy.
Ryalla describes her life as a young child "on the road" travelling in the family's wagon from place to place, her parents earning a living on farms or by making and selling household items from the hedgerow.
The book bursts with laughter, drama and wonderful characters. Meet Pow Pow, Mangle Tit, Nos Nos, Off and On and his runaway dray - not forgetting Jan Jan the chicken and a host of other Gypsies. This is a book for all lovers of Gypsy literature, the countryside, nostalgia and the unusual.
Softback book A5 format 125 pages.


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